Major Hearings on Unemployment to Occur this Spring in Seattle

February 23, 2012 in Homepage, Recent News by Joyce Sheppard

The University of Washington has joined with the City Council of Seattle in holding a two-day event called the Unemployed Nation Hearings. The goal is to highlight the consequences of massive, enduring unemployment via semi-official hearings featuring testimony from men and women struggling with unemployment.  The Unemployed Nation Hearings are scheduled for March 30-31, 2012.

“A great many are facing unprecedented long-term unemployment,” explains UW History professor James Gregory. “We are going to do what Congress should have done long ago. We are going to listen to that unemployed nation.”

Organizers are seeking personal stories of individuals who have been experiencing unemployment. These stories will be shared on the Unemployed Nation website, and could become part of the hearings on March 30-31. Those who are interested are encouraged to call Andrew Hedden at 206-543-7946 or e-mail

The first day of hearings will occur at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus, and the second day will be hosted at Seattle City Hall.

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