UCubed: WPA 2.0 is Solution to Unemployment Crisis

March 9, 2012 in Homepage, Recent News by Joyce Sheppard

WASHINGTON — February’s unemployment rating would have seen significant change had our nation’s leaders put in place a 21st century Works Progress Administration (WPA), says UCubed.

“Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s WPA put 8.5 million people to work during the Great Depression,” said UCubed Executive Director Rick Sloan. “The WPA changed lives. It changed our country. A modern-day WPA could put an end to this Grave Recession by putting millions to work each year.”

“There’s plenty of work to be done right now,” continued Sloan. “Unemployed workers could be made useful modernizing, strengthening and connecting our service economy. Their skills could be used to revitalize and renovate our manufacturing and transportation sectors. Now is the time for the president and Congress to let Americans prove what Americans can do.”

UCubed members are pushing WPA 2.0 as a solution to the jobs crisis. Click here to see their Facebook campaign entitled, “We did it once. Let’s do it now!”




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