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The unemployed have been devastated over the course of the great recession. Their stories should NOT go unnoticed, nor should their plight go without a voice. Below are the unemployed, these are their stories, these are their struggles.

Milestone 150,000

September 9th, 2013 by Joyce Sheppard

Dear UCubed Leader:

Last week we passed the 150,000 Facebook fan milestone. Between the Union of Unemployed and the Unión de Desempleados, UCubed now has 150,000 fans and they have 42.6 million friends.

The latter number is mindboggling. But it is also the potential impact you can have when you like, share or comment on UCubed posts or photographs.

So don’t let anyone tell you you’re powerless. You’re not.

Politicians from the White House to the dog house (where so many belong) now know the power of social media. They know it can overpower their advertising in a campaign. What they don’t know is this: When activists like you stay informed, remain engaged and, occasionally, show their rage, they can challenge the powers-that-be long after the election ends.

Your passionate engagement has a cumulative impact. By emailing your Senators and Representatives, you send a message to three people. When you comment on, like or share UCubed posts, you reach roughly 285 people on average. And those “friends of fans” are a force multiplier.

Those friends know you, personally. They know why you care so deeply about the jobs crisis. They get it.

Our erstwhile leaders don’t.  But they are about to learn … the hard way … that ignoring your opinion carries a hefty price.

In Unity — Strength,


Rick Sloan
UCubed President

P.S. Thanks for helping the Union of Unemployed reach this milestone. And please, please keep hitting those like and share buttons. Your endorsement of what we post spreads the message: THE JOBS CRISIS ISN’T OVER. SO DON’T YOU DARE FORGET ABOUT US!!


Unemployment Story by Richard H Lange

November 26th, 2012 by gueststories

I have been a union member for 35+ years. while I was working on a job in 1995 I hurt my back.After operation and rehabilitation. I wanted to go back to work but was forced to take disability and early retirement due to a union official thought it best for me to stay out of work,regardless of what my doctor recommends. Since then I haven’t been able to find work. I am not meeting my bills,I am robbing Peter to pay Paul.I need work now.


Unemployment Story by sharon jones

November 15th, 2012 by gueststories

I became unemployed from the usps after 13 years of temporary long term employment. During my employment I was passed over several times while Human resourses hired in people off the streets; with no skills, or whom had family members working there: having me train them, allowing them to be regular employees while I continued to to be a temp employee. If I could have found or been employed by someone another company I would have left. As a result of my layoff from usps; I enrolled in Lpn school, graduated and now im being told by employers that I have to have a year or more experience to have a chance of being hired. Will someone please explain to me how do you aquire experience if no one is willing to hire you? If I dont get employed soon; I will be one of the many homeless


Unemployment Story by MaryAnn

November 10th, 2012 by gueststories

A large Company eliminated the accounting department. This is the longest I have been unemployed. I am not quite 50 yet, but too old to be hired. I am thinking about starting my own business.


Unemployment Story by Gary G. Frey

September 24th, 2012 by gueststories

I have been unemployed for two years come October. My employer was about to fire me on manufactured grounds by falsifying records, so I took a chance and resigned rather than admit I had done something which I had not. Luckily, my unemployment benefits were still approved, but time has run out on that.
I completed my BA in business administration while working full time, and I graduated with honors. I have several medical conditions, so it was important to me to get a degree so that I could earn a living by using my brain more than brawn, which I have done my entire life. I have had a disc fused in my back, brain surgery for a subdural hematoma, two open heart procedures, and I am a diabetic. Most of my unemployment payments have gone to pay for doctor’s visits and medications.
I spend my days scouring the internet on all the job sites I can find, local as well as across the country. I am more than willing to start at the bottom and work my way up. I do get interviews, but when I go and they see how old I am, that’s as far as it goes and I never hear from them again. They are impressed by the level of experience on my resume, but it takes a while to accumulate that-I am 55 years old-apparently, too old to work in this country. I am too young to retire and too young for Medicare but I am denied the opportunity to earn a living when I am more than capable. I don’t want to be on disability when I can work.
We barely get by-our savings have been emptied, our home is becoming run down because we can’t afford to maintain it the way we used to, and we spend much of our income on necessary medication and doctor appointments. Life in general has become a struggle every day. What have we become as a nation that people who are fit to work and qualified to work cannot?


Unemployment Story by Cynthia L Busick

September 7th, 2012 by gueststories

The rich are getting richer, the poor poorer and a middle class is nonexistent. No President can fix this issue. The economy has operated over many years like a snowflake turns into a snowball rolling downhill. Why have those who have the money spent it on campaign dollars when they could have spent it more wisely in investing it for contingency management? Why are athletes paid high dollars to self destruct? Money is the root of all evil, yet we watch as greed is feeding itself. All I ask for (and it seems my attempts are futile) is a job where I am allowed the dignity to make a living wage in order to keep a roof over my head, food to sustain my family, affordable health care coverage and a pot to pee in. What can I do to stop this runaway train?

To tell you a little about myself:

I’m single and live with 2 dogs I have rescued.

I’m well educated and told I’m overqualified.

I’m in “career transition” – downsized due to budget cuts and sending my job offshore.

My sister is paying for COBRA and all my living expenses.

I’ve applied for social security disability and keep getting denied over and over again.

Since loosing my job my life has spiraled down hill. I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and diabetes. Probably due to stress.

I’ve undergone several surgeries with recovery requiring a lot of healing time and physical restrictions.

I’m working very hard to gain my strength and flexibility back so I can return to work. But I also need a job where I can work. I need financial help desperately. Can you offer any suggestions?

The picture I have included is of me as a professional. I didn’t send a current picture because life has taken a toll.


Unemployment Story by Jeanne DeFlorio

August 27th, 2012 by gueststories

I am unemployed. Here is what I have observed:
My state California has large regional offices with a staff from 50-80 people. These employees work for EDD. EDD is in charge of Unemployment Benefits. Yet, these EDD employees cannot assist anyone that is unemployed with any information regarding their benefits! They cannot answer one single question! Why is that? We, the people who are unemployed cannot get a single answer to any question about our benefits. No when will we get a check? What happened to my check? Nothing! We cannot reach anyone on the phones. Unemployed people try for hours before they can get through. The information regarding payments arrives two weeks after the fact. Is this conspiratorially planned to punish the unemployed?


Unemployment Story by Melissa Owens

August 22nd, 2012 by gueststories

Since 2010 I have been unemployed. because of the huge job crisis I am having trouble finding work, I have 2 degrees: an associates degree in medical assisting, and a bachelor’s degree in business management. even before that I was considered “under qualified” but now it seems like I’m in “career limbo” it’s I’m either over qualified or under qualified. most of the jobs I find I have to lie about my qualifications but when it comes time to decided on whether I’m a good match I’m not qualified but yet if I say I have 2 college degrees I’m over qualified. I don’t know what else to do, I can’t find work and my student loans are close to being due and I have no way of knowing where I will get the money to pay for them. I know in my heart I’m a excellent candidate for employment, I am punctual, I learn really quick and I am good with computers. don’t know what is wrong with me but no matter what I do or say it is never good enough. the government says we are lazy, so all of our searching the want ads, going to career fairs, etc is considered being lazy? who the hell does the government think they are? I no longer have faith in my government or congress. they are wasting money on themselves and making the common man work themselves to the bone trying to make sure their family has a roof over their heads & food on the table. the rich get to do what ever they want while the rest of us suffer *it isn’t fair*


Unemployment Story by Susan Lewis

July 23rd, 2012 by gueststories

I have worked since I was 14. I don’t know what else to do. I am an LPN. So when my job was unable to accommodate my work restrictions, on week before Christmas, in 2010, I went on Unemployment. I have since exhausted my benefits and am facing Welfare. There are no jobs here in WNY for me. I have sent literally hundreds of applications/resumes out. I have registered at every job site I know of. I have gone to job fairs. I have subscribed to placement services. I have obtained help from agencies that are supposed to be able to find me a job. Nothing. Apparently a middle aged woman who has been an LPN all her life cannot transition all those skills into any other field. This afternoon I am going to apply at a neighborhood school to be a cleaning lady. I sincerely hope they hire me. I will do anything… ANYTHING.

I have moved in with my grown daughter, her husband and my grandson to try to survive this. There is something wrong, deep down in my gut, with sponging off my kids. At this point in my life I should be helping them, not hindering them. It’s discouraging and it makes me angry.

Congress needs to stop playing these childish games. We need jobs here at home, not overseas. We need the economy to recover, which will never happen while they are bill-blocking each other. Term limits would solve some of this nonsense, but they will never voluntarily give up their cushy offices and great benefits. Bottom line – Americans are screwed.


Unemployment Story by Bob

July 18th, 2012 by gueststories

I lost my job in 2009 when Electrolux of North America decided that they would rather manufacture their product in the murder capital of the world,Juarez Mexico. I looked for work for 6 months before I entered a trade act program that was put in place to “retrain” workers for a better chance of employment. After 2 years I got my degree in Broadcasting and immediately set out to get my foot in the door. After sending out resumes to every station in the state and zero replies I applied at some local manufacturing companies. I was told by one that they couldn’t hire me (although it was a job I had some experience in)because they didn’t have the time to “train” me. I am now facing foreclosure on our home of fifteen years. The biggest joke is I can’t get mortgage assistance because I ran out of employment benefits. The stress is almost unbearable…