UCubed Response to the State of the Union

Last night President Barack Obama issued a BURN NOTICE for jobless Americans. They are to remain in limbo — without jobs, without relief, without hope — until long after his term ends. Their careers, credit, savings and homes are forfeit. And the government he leads will do little to alleviate their distress.

For the 99ers whose benefits are exhausted and the 62 percent of the jobless who never qualified for unemployment, President Barack Obama had neither kind words nor new policies. In fact, he spoke as if they did not exist.

As a result, millions of jobless Americans were left to their own devices. Now they must rely on friends and family to simply survive. And survive they will. But they will never forget nor will they forgive the BURN NOTICE issued during this State of the Union.

Acting Executive Director,
Rick Sloan


6 responses to “UCubed Response to the State of the Union”

  1. Rochelle says:

    I was very disappointed that President Obama did not address the crisis that our nation is facing with high unemployment and lack of jobs. The President did not focus on any short-term solutions for those affected most, the 99ers. The fight is still on. We must continue to contact the media and Congress and tell our stories. We must also push for hard legislation that will provide relief until jobs are created. Let’s stand together and not lose hope. Remember all historical movements took time and hard work. We have been discarded by our government and we will not stand down. We must be more vocal than ever. Let your voice be heard! God Bless!

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  3. unemployedtiredstressed says:

    I have now lost hope. I’ve patiently waited all day to see the State of the Union just to be overwhelmingly disappointed. He mentioned nothing about the unemployed or the 99ers, and that hurts. Yes, I do support education for innovation to keep America ahead, but what about our jobless situation today? As a 99er, I know 2011 will be yet another tough year with no hope insight. For his sake, he better hope our economy improves or his will lose the 2012 elections.

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  5. ttramposh says:

    Get what Job? And when those other services such as food stamps food pantry welfare are depleted in to nothingness then what? what are word is congress going to use to describe us then. Face it if you truly think we are going to see some sort of reprieve from this government your living in a fantasy world they sold any reprieve to china along with most of are natural resources were do you think the money came from for the stimulus?As long as the sheeple like Goolsbee are around every thing is going to stay the way it is.Sit back in chair and think the way your government told you to think last night on the nightly news and watch your brothers and sisters die. because that’s what they just told you. and your OK with it aren’t you Goolsbee. Well right to the point your eating in the soup kitchen and that’s going to be here before you know it.The only thing that has saved us in the past is our manufacturing industry and the sweet of the middle class and over the last 15yr.our government has done everything in there power to destroy them both with there greed and there narcissistic thought proses and finely found the key with NAFTA.Look outside the box my brothers and sisters All our government requires of you now is that you lie down and die.And all are country requires from you Now is that you STAND! “WE THE PEOPLE”

  6. Claudine says:

    Since this president and congress have done little to create jobs or come up with a jobs bill, I was not surprised about the State of the Union address. However, I did send the White House a scathing comment on how I would not vote for him or another Democrat again. I certainly won’t vote for a Republican either because they would just rather the unemployed end up dead. So, now I am actively voting for third party candidates, but I think something more dramatic needs to be done. Writing and calling your elected officials seems to be doing nothing. We need something to happen to wake people up. We need a regime change in this country. Any thoughts?
    Take care and good luck,